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ready for
the future?

The pace of change in today’s insurance market has never been faster. The opportunities to work differently, better serve customers and unlock new sources of revenue are vast. And the time to act is now.

Driven by their day-to-day use of e-commerce, customers now expect a radically different buying experience. Faster. Easier. More digital. Insurers who deliver on this expectation have a powerful opportunity to differentiate themselves and capture more customers.

New processes, data sources and technologies are enabling forward-thinking insurers to re-examine sectors previously considered unprofitable or difficult to reach. It means they can be more confident they can unlock significant new sources of revenue without a massive investment.

With faster, more intuitive new business workflows and automated decisioning for routine applications, the scope for greater efficiency and effectiveness is clear. Importantly, however, this can be achieved while delivering market-leading experiences for consumers, brokers and agents.

It’s an exciting new world – and one we know well.

A history of

Munich Re Automation Solutions has been at the forefront of the digital revolution in insurance for over 30 years. We have a proven track record of working with forward-thinking customers to unlock new sources of revenue and greater customer satisfaction. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to continually reinvent the consumer’s experience of buying insurance.

Today, we help insurers grow their businesses with the most widely used automated new business solutions worldwide.

Customers partner with us because we understand the worlds of both insurance and technology. As part of one of the globe’s largest re-insurers, we know what it takes for insurers to thrive in the modern world. And as a dedicated software developer, we know how to translate those needs into solutions that deliver insight, streamline processes and boost results.

Using our solutions, insurers can deliver a faster, more intuitive buying experience. You get access to advanced analytics delivering unparalleled insights into how your businesses are performing. And, with access to new sources of data and more effective questioning, you can be more accurate in assessing risk.

Ultimately, we help you deliver better results, faster than ever before.

solutions for growth

Every insurer wants to drive more business from more customers in more places. This might involve capturing a greater share of existing markets or opening up brand new opportunities. It might be about better competing with existing or emerging competitors. Or it might demand nothing short of transforming the entire business.

Let us help.

With our solutions, you’ll be able to transform your operations, free from the limitations of people or process. We’ll allow you to better serve customers, closing the expectation gap and minimising the amount of business not taken up. And we’ll enable you to develop innovative new products and services faster, opening untapped markets and fresh opportunities.

What’s more, we’ll equip you with the data and analytics you need to determine how your business is performing and to model the effects of potential changes to your business model.

With unmatched expertise spanning new business and claims process automation, digital underwriting, third-party data use, advanced analytics, predictive modelling and more, we can give you the capabilities you need to grow your business as far and as fast as you want.